Hotel App Loyalty Program CRM – Guest Activity

Hotel App Loyalty Program CRM – Guest Activity

Once guests have signed up to the AppyRewards Loyalty program, all their details and activity will be stored on the Appy Hotel Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). The CRM will allow you to track the activity of each of your members within your hotel app more effectively.

To view each individual member’s spending and activity history, navigate to ‘Members’ in the ‘Guests’ drop down menu.



Then simply click ‘View’ next to the member who’s details you wish to view.


Guest Booking & Spending History in your Hotel App

While Appy Hotel’s main dashboard allows you to track and analyse bookings and spending for your hotel, the CRM dashboard will allow you to track and analyse each member’s individual habits and thus allow you to further improve your hotel digital marketing.

As with the main Appy dashboard, you are presented with a graph and table overview of your guests over a specified period of time i.e. 7 day, 30 days or 90 days.

You can select to view either the number of unique ‘Guests’ that have logged in or the number of ‘Activities’ that they have performed within the hotel app during the selected period of time. These activities include making a booking, placing an order, providing feedback, completing a survey, information shared on social media or rewards redeemed.

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The accompanying table below shows the information as a metric for the same selected time period; allowing you to compare between the current time period and the previous one.


When viewing each member’s individual profile you will then be able to view their booking and spending history within their ‘Activity Log.’


This information allows you to paint a clearer picture of your guest’s preferences; information which becomes more and more valuable as regular guests progress through the levels of your loyalty scheme. By having a concise booking and spending history you can more effectively market rewards to your most loyal guest as well as those with similar spending histories in their demographic.

Feedback & Surveys

Similarly each time a member submits feedback or completes a guest survey through the hotel app, that activity is recorded in their profile’s activity log.

Improving Customer Service

This feature has significant advantages in being able to improve the level of customer service provided to frequently visiting guests. With the Appy Hotel CRM you will be able to view any and all previous complaints, concerns and recommendations that the guest has made through the history of their stays.

Surveys & Feedback Activity Log


Rewards for Activities

 All these activities obviously benefit your hotel and as such guest should be rewarded for them. Feedback, bookings, orders and surveys are just some of the activities you can choose to set up to provide guests with automatic rewards via your AppyRewards Loyalty program.

All Four for Rewards

[Click here] for more details on setting up AppyRewards for actions.

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